Integrative Health Coaching 101

Updated: Jan 27

Interested in Integrative Health, but not sure what to expect with a coach? Keep reading!

What do you do as an Integrative Health Coach?

As an Integrative Health Coach, I help people make transformational behavior changes that maximize their health and well-being. Using a whole-person approach, I take into account every aspect of your life that impacts your health. While you are the expert in your own life, we’ll work together to explore what optimal health means to you, and formulate sustainable goals to see that vision through. We’ll begin with a self-assessment which will lead to new insights and translate into impactful actions. Together, we’ll form a partnership to navigate your unique needs, ultimately leading to sustainable behavior change.

What makes Integrative Health Coaching (and you!) different from other types of coaching?

Integrative Health Coaching uses a client-driven agenda, and combines elements of neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness to form new habits that stick. Studies show that lasting change happens when people are empowered to make choices driven by their values. I will never tell you what you should be doing - instead I’ll guide you through self-awareness and self-exploration. From there we’ll set actionable goals having to do with your health and wellness focus. I am trained by Duke University’s School of Medicine in Integrative Health Coaching, have an M.A. in Global Ethics & Human Values from King’s College London, and am a certified mindfulness practitioner.

Can I use a coach to replace therapy?

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. I recommend and connect clients with therapists if mental health challenges arise. I have a network of therapists who I work with so we can find the right fit for you. People also find therapy in combination with coaching to be an effective course in tackling your wellbeing and mental health.

I’m intrigued, how do I learn more?

Lovely! Click here to schedule a free consultation - on the call (or Zoom) we’ll discuss your needs and explore if Integrative Health Coaching is a good fit for you. And you can always email me at for more information.

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