73% of Americans experience burnout on some level, effecting their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Seeking some Mental Nourishment? 

One on one Integrative Health Coaching includes: 

  • Integrative behavior change assessment with personalized focus and goal setting

  • Optional therapy finder and access to vetted mental health professionals 

  • One-on-one sessions to process and stay on track

  • Written practices and follow-ups

  • Mindfulness & meditation training 

  • Optional reiki

  • Remote option

Woman Writing

“Hanna is the type of person who can put you at ease with just a short chat. Once I explained to her what I wanted to work on, we dived right in. I learned so much from her and she was a wonderful resource during the pandemic in how to handle such a changing world.”

- JB, Mental Nourish one-on-one client 

"As business leaders, we’ve all witnessed the effects of mental health challenges in the workplace, and we may have experienced our own share of these challenges as well. Many people are stressed out and burned out. And no matter how hard they try to overcome the effects of burnout — and despite the “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture that many companies have embraced in the past — they just can’t leave their worries at the door."
- Bill Goodwin, Forbes 

Interested in bringing Mental Nourish to your business?

Join the list of MNC partner companies and: 

  • Integrate mental health/wellness practices in your employee wellness programs 

  • Specialize your communications plan to spread your message 

  • Connect with other organizations in the same space

  • Customizable in person and virtual mindfulness sessions  

  • Optional group coaching tailored for your mission


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